Part 34 : Definitions and Interpretations | The Constitution of Nepal 2015

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Part 34
Definitions and Interpretations

306. Definitions and interpretations:

  1. Unless the subject or the context otherwise requires, in this Constitution,-
    1. “minorities” means ethnic, linguistic and religious groups whose population is less than the percentage specified by the Federal law, and includes groups that have their distinct ethnic, religious or linguistic characteristics, aspirations to protect such features and subjected to discrimination and oppression,
    2. “law” means a Federal law, State law and Local law,
    3. “Article” means an article of this Constitution,
    4. “Municipality” means and includes a Municipal Corporation and Sub-municipal Corporation.
    5. “citizen” means a citizen of Nepal,
    6. “State” means the area and form of a federal unit of Nepal divided into the Federal units in accordance with this Constitution,
    7. “remuneration” means and includes salary, allowance, pension and any other form of emolument and facility,
    8. “state power” means the power relating to the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary of the state, and includes residual power.
    9. “Bill” means a draft of amendment to the Constitution or of an Act which has been introduced in the Federal Parliament or a State Assembly,
    10. “Federation” means the federal level that is the apex unit of the federal structure,
    11. “Federal Units” means the Federation, State and Local levels,
    12. “Constitutional Bodies” means the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority, Auditor General, Public Service Commission, Election Commission, National Human Rights Commission, National Natural Resources and Fiscal Commission, National Women Commission, National Dalit Commission, National Inclusion Commission, Indigenous Nationalities Commission, Madhesi Commission, Tharu Commission and Muslim Commission,
    13. “marginalized” means communities that are made politically, economically and socially backward, are unable to enjoy services and facilities because of discrimination and oppression and of geographical remoteness or deprived thereof and are in lower status than the human development standards mentioned in Federal law, and includes highly marginalized groups and groups on the verge of extinction,
    14. “Local level” means the Village Bodies, Municipalities and District Assemblies to be established in accordance with this Constitution.
  2. Unless the subject or the context otherwise requires, the legal provisions relating to interpretation of laws shall, subject to the provisions of this Constitution, apply to the interpretation of this Constitution in the same manner as that provisions apply to the interpretation of the Nepal laws.

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