Part 1 : Preliminary | The Constitution of Nepal 2015

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Part 1

1. Constitution as the fundamental law:

  1. This Constitution is the fundamental law of Nepal. Any law inconsistent with this Constitution shall, to the extent of such inconsistency, be void.
  2. It shall be the duty of every person to observe this Constitution.

2. Sovereignty and state authority:

The sovereignty and state authority of Nepal shall be vested in the Nepalese people. It shall be exercised in accordance with the provisions set forth in this Constitution.

3. Nation:

All the Nepalese people, with multi-ethnic, multilingual, multi-religious, multicultural characteristics and in geographical diversities, and having common aspirations and being united by a bond of allegiance to national independence, territorial integrity, national interest and prosperity of Nepal, collectively constitute the nation.

4. State of Nepal:

  1. Nepal is an independent, indivisible, sovereign, secular, inclusive, democratic, socialism-oriented, federal democratic republican state.
    Explanation: For the purposes of this Article, "secular" means religious, cultural freedoms, including protection of religion, culture handed down from the time immemorial.
  2. The territory of Nepal shall comprise:
    1. the territory existing at the time of commencement of this Constitution, and
    2. such other territory as may be acquired after the commencement of this Constitution.

5. National interest:

  1. Safeguarding of the freedom, sovereignty, territorial integrity, nationality, independence and dignity of Nepal, the rights of the Nepalese people, border security, economic wellbeing and prosperity shall be the basic elements of the national interest of Nepal.
  2. Any conduct and act contrary to the national interest shall be punishable by the Federal law.

6. Languages of the nation:

All languages spoken as the mother tongues in Nepal are the languages of the nation.

7. Official language:

  1. The Nepali language in the Devanagari script shall be the official language of Nepal.
  2. A State may, by a State law, determine one or more than one languages of the nation spoken by a majority of people within the State as its official language(s), in addition to the Nepali language.
  3. Other matters relating to language shall be as decided by the Government of Nepal, on recommendation of the Language Commission.

8. National flag:

  1. The national flag of Nepal consists of two juxtaposed triangular figures with a crimson-coloured base and deep blue borders, there being a white emblem of the crescent moon with eight rays visible out of sixteen in the upper part and a white emblem of a twelve rayed sun in the lower part.
  2. The method of drawing out the flag and other particulars relating thereto shall be as set forth in Schedule-1.

9. National anthem etc:

  1. The national anthem of Nepal shall be as set forth in Schedule-2.
  2. The coat-of-arms of Nepal shall be as set forth in Schedule-3.
  3. The Rhododendron Arboreum shall be the national flower, Crimson Colour shall be the national colour, the Cow shall be the national animal and the Lophophorus shall be the national bird of Nepal.

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Part-2 : Citizenship
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Part 4 : Directive Principles, Policies and Obligations of the State
Part 5 : Structure of State and Distribution of State Power
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Part 7 : Federal Executive
Part 8 : Federal Legislature
Part 9 : Federal Legislative Procedures
Part 10 : Federal Financial Procedures
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Part 23 : Public Service Commission
Part 24 : Election Commission
Part 25 : National Human Rights Commission
Part 26 : National Natural Resources and Fiscal Commission
Part 27 : Other Commissions
Part 28 : Provisions Relating to National Security
Part 29 : Provisions Relating to Political Parties
Part 30 : Emergency Power
Part 31 : Amendment to the Constitution
Part 32 : Miscellaneous
Part 33 : Transitional Provisions
Part 34 : Definitions and Interpretations
Part 35 : Short Title, Commencement and Repeal
Schedule 1 : National Flag of Nepal
Schedule 2 : National Anthem of Nepal
Schedule 3 : Coat of Arms of Nepal
Schedule 4 : States, and Districts to be included in the concerned States.
Schedule 5 : List of Federal Power
Schedule 6 : List of State Power
Schedule 7: List of Concurrent Powers of Federation and State
Schedule 8: List of Local Level Power
Schedule 9 : List of Concurrent Powers of Federation, State and Local Level