Part 31 : Amendment to the Constitution | The Constitution of Nepal 2015

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Part 31
Amendment to the Constitution

274. Amendment to Constitution:

  1. No amendment shall be made to this Constitution in manner to be prejudicial to the sovereignty, territorial integrity, independence of Nepal and sovereignty vested in the people.
  2. Subject to clause (1) and other Articles of this Constitution, a Bill to amend or repeal any Article of this Constitution may be introduced in either House of the Federal Parliament.
    Provided that clause (1) shall not be amended.
  3. A Bill introduced pursuant to clause (2) shall be publicly published
    for information to the general public within thirty days of its introduction in the
    concerned House.
  4. If a Bill introduced pursuant to clause (2) is related with the alteration in the borders of any State or matters set forth in Schedule-6, the Speaker or the Chairperson of the concerned House must send that Bill to the State Assembly for its consent, within thirty days after its introduction in the Federal Parliament.
  5. The concerned State Assembly must, by a majority of the total number of its the then members, accept or reject the Bill presented for its consent pursuant to clause (4) and give information thereof to the FederalParliament within three months.
    Provided that if any State Assembly is not in existence, such Bill must be either accepted or rejected within three months after the date of holding of the first meeting following the formation of that State Assembly.
  6. In the event of failure to give information of acceptance or rejection of such Bill within the period set forth in clause (5), nothing shall prevent the House of the Federal Parliament in which the Bill was originated from proceeding with the Bill.
  7. If the State Assembly, by its majority, givesa notice of rejection of such Bill to the concerned House of the Federal Parliament within the period under clause (5), the Bill shall be inoperative.
  8. A Bill which does not require the consent of the State Assembly or a Bill accepted by a majority of the State Assembly under clause (5) must be passed by at least two-thirds majority of the total number of the then members of both Houses of the Federal Parliament.
  9. A Bill passed under clause (8) shall be presented to the President for assent.
  10. The President shall give assent to a Bill presented under clause (5), within fifteen days from the date of its receipt, and the Constitution shall get amended from the date of assent.

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